Dear baby,

Your daddy and I still haven’t decided whether to find out your gender in a few weeks or when we meet you face to face. It seems most people these days find out ahead of time so they can plan ahead, prepare the nursery in boy or girl themes and let their friends and family know what to expect. Everyone seems to prefer to know who you are before you even arrive. Somehow, it seems to make the process easier and more fun. When my friends have had babies, I even wanted to know the gender — because who doesn’t love shopping for cute girly or boy items?

Being on the other side, carrying you in me, not knowing is completely different. The element of surprise both fills me with joy and anxious anticipation. I would be tickled if you were a girl I could play dress up and dolls with or ecstatic if you were a boy I could play trucks and games with. More than anything, I just want to hold you close, teach you things and have fun with you. I can see your daddy taking care of his little princess or teaching his little boy how to play soccer for the first time.

I know there is no right or wrong answer, just simply the desires of my heart. No matter when your daddy and I find out your gender, nothing will surpass the surprise and joy of when I finally get to meet you and fall in love with you when I see you for the first time. I cannot wait for that moment, when I finally get to hold you in my arms and call you my son or daughter.

With love,


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