Healthy baby.

Dear baby,

I wish I knew what was “normal” during pregnancy. I just want to know you’re doing okay in there. Today was an off day and I just wasn’t hungry all day. You’re very indecisive – some days you make me eat everything in sight, while I also have days like today where my stomach doesn’t feel that great and I have no appetite. I eat when I feel like I should take care of myself and you.

I hope you’re holding strong in there. I wish I could see you and hear your heart beat every day. It gives me a sense of relief to know that everything is going along as planned. There’s just this small remaining¬†fear in me of what could possibly go wrong. I just want to know that you are healthy and that everything is coming along great.

Did you know that I pray for you almost every day? I pray for you to be healthy and strong, and I also pray for your daddy and me. I pray for God to protect you and keep you healthy, and I pray for us to be Godly parents who will love and take care of you. I pray for our family to honor God and that He would be with and protect us all.

With love,


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