Dear baby,

Today was a big day!

I got to see you again, every little inch of you. I had an ultrasound where the technician took measurements of you. I got to see – and hear! – your heart beat, your tiny hands wrapped into little fists, the bottoms of your feet that have been kicking my belly, your cute face, your profile – and even your eyes and nose!

The doctor tried to take a 3D picture of you, but you were feeling camera shy today and didn’t want to move. We got a few pictures to take home of you to add to our collection.

8 weeks
You at 8 weeks – the first time we saw you! I like to think you have a halo. 🙂

12 weeks
At 12 weeks old, Daddy thought you had his nose.

21 weeks
Today’s 21-week ultrasound. The doctor said you were perfect and we agree! 

It was decision day: did Daddy and I want to find out your gender? We decided last night that we wanted you to be a surprise to us. We are so excited for you to arrive, and we would be overjoyed for a boy or a girl. We want you to be the biggest surprise of our lives.

The doctor told us you are 13 ounces today (bigger than I thought!) and that things couldn’t be more perfect. That was music to my and your daddy’s ears. We are so thrilled you are doing well and pray that you will continue to do so. We love you so much already!

With love,


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