Family first.

Dear baby,

Did you know that you are already the center of my world?

I made a decision recently that could potentially change things, or it could change nothing at all. I am taking a risk, a step out in faith, trusting that God will provide the right direction for you, for us, for our family. Sometimes you just don’t know until you try, but you have to ask for God’s provision. And I am asking for God to take care of you first and foremost, as well as your daddy and me.

Planning for an unknown future is both exciting and a little bit scary. I am beyond elated for you to join our world, while at the same time the unknowns fill me with worry. Will I choose the right day care provider? Do I really know what I am doing? Will I be a great mom? The fun unknown: are you my little princess or my little prince? (Side note: everyone is bugging me and wants to know. But I don’t care. You’re my little angel no matter what.)

I am not one of those people who is convinced I can do it all. I don’t know how people can juggle so many projects and commitments at once in addition to having a full-time job and a family. I can’t imagine they have much balance in their lives or are able to put their families first. Because to me, all that matters more than anything in this world is our family. You. Me. Daddy. Our families. Our dear friends. The people I care about the most. And I am trusting that God will take care of us.

With love,


2 thoughts on “Family first.

  1. I just love this, Kristin. You both will be a wonderful parents. And, you are surrounded by other wonderful parents who. in their great rookiness, made some pretty good rookie mistakes, I”m sure!

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