Love. As Momma sees it.

Dear baby,

You’re not even here yet, and I already wish I could save you from the pain of the world that we live in. I wish I could protect you from being disappointed, feeling pain or rejection or letting others hurt you.

What breaks my heart even more is knowing that I may do all of these things as your mom. I am not perfect. No one is. This is on my mind and heart today as I read blogs from other moms about their experiences and as I see parents and people around me interacting with each other.

It is a fact that someday we may act in anger and say things we don’t mean. But it is also true that I will love you more than anything else in this world. As people come in and out of my life and I transition from one phase to the next, one thing remains the same: I love my family. We are there for each other no matter what. At the end of the day, differences aside, we support, love and admire one another and would do anything to take care of each other.

Please keep this in mind someday. Yes, people will disappoint you, hurt you and even flake out on you. The people you are the closest to will hurt you the most, but they are also the ones that will lift you up and love you the most. Cling to family and the friends that are like family. Don’t be afraid to trust and love. Life is about embracing these relationships in spite of it all. After all, we are called to love as God first loved us. It is through love that you will find the reward. That you will be richly blessed by those around you. Open yourself up to give and receive love and you will find the beauty of life, the richness of relationship, the blessing of family.

With love,


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