Dear baby,

I’ll warn you now, it’s about to get cheesy in today’s letter. Today marks the sixth anniversary of your daddy’s and my wedding anniversary. We have been together for nearly ten years and married for six, and this year is extra special as we celebrate becoming a family soon.

It’s interesting how much you get asked once you’ve said “I do” when kids will be on the way. It’s well meaning (or so I optimistically choose to think), but every couple has their own story, their own timing, their own desires. And sometimes, things just don’t happen according to how you may plan them that are outside of your control.

You are a beautiful gift, a little miracle that will be arriving at the perfect time for us. We’ve been through a lot together, your daddy and me, and we’ve grown stronger and closer through the process. At the time of grief or suffering or anxiety in the unknown, it is never easy. But I am so thankful to have your daddy at my side so that we may support, encourage and love one another in the way that God loves us. And in the times of joy, I am so thrilled to celebrate with your daddy the gifts this life gives us, like you.

Even with our anxiety in the unknown, we look forward to what’s ahead. We trust in the timing and find hope in the future of our family together. The simple things are bringing me joy as we prepare for your arrival, like getting your nursery ready. We registered for this Winnie the Pooh set yesterday that I just fell in love with – I hope you like it!pooh
It is my hope that someday you’ll see just how much your daddy and I love each other and that we would be a good example to you as parents. I know we aren’t perfect, and we won’t pretend to be. I just want you to know that at the end of the day, Daddy and I and you are all on the same team together. We love each other – and you – no matter what, and we want what is best for us and our family. Daddy and I are so excited for this next chapter in our lives and cannot wait for you and possibly future siblings to join us. We’re only six years in and have a lifetime to go.

With love,


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