Bucket list.

Dear baby,

It’s been a pretty quiet, relaxing weekend for me, while your daddy continues to work on projects and keep himself busy. As I write this, he is fixing a drawer and cupboard in the kitchen, and yesterday he helped renovate the church building for several hours. I think he secretly likes using power tools and doing random projects. A couple weeks ago he crawled into the attic to install a new light and ceiling fan in the bathroom – that one definitely wasn’t his favorite project. He swears he lost half of his sympathy gut due to sweat.

ceiling fan
Ceiling fan installation project was a success!

We kicked off our weekend at our first ever Nitefall on the River concert to see Owl City. It’s been on my summer bucket list the past couple years as something I wanted to do pre-baby. It was a beautiful night and we enjoyed watching the sun set over the city.

I definitely enjoyed the opening act more than your daddy. 


I loved the venue and would definitely go to another concert someday. Your daddy and I agree that this is not the best place to take a baby, but for some reason the family that decided to sit next to us didn’t. By the time the second band came on, their baby was screaming. Thankfully, they left early.

While I may have a “bucket list” of things I want to do before you arrive (like our babymoon or going to Nitefall), that doesn’t mean I feel like l am missing out. Your daddy and I couldn’t be more elated for the changes our lives have in store and the new, fun things we will do together as a family.

Some families try to fit their kids into their pre-baby lifestyles (or convince themselves they don’t need a babysitter), and while it may work for them, your daddy and I look forward to creating new traditions. We’ll take you to some of our favorite places that are more family friendly (like the Iowa State Fair or the Downtown Farmer’s Market!) and of course, places like the Zoo, Science Center and so much more.

I can’t wait for all of the moments we’ll share and enjoy together. From seeing your first fireworks to catching fireflies to feeding animals at the Zoo, there are so many memories to create. I hope you enjoy experiencing life as much as we look forward to sharing it with you.

With love,


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