Pregnancy journey.

Dear baby,

Cooler weather finally crept into Des Moines this weekend, bringing hints of fall just around the corner. As I look forward to all things fall – pumpkin, soups, jeans and sweaters and so much more – it just brings that much more anticipation knowing your arrival is near.

Your nursery furniture has arrived (!) and your daddy has already put the glider together for me. We both have tested it and approve. It is currently sitting in the living room since we have to clear out the furniture and random items in the room that is soon to be your nursery. Your daddy made good progress on that this weekend. I made good progress on cleaning, baking and picking out my favorite baby names. I told Daddy I came up with a list, and he finally said we should probably figure this out. 🙂

As the weeks go by and my belly slowly gets bigger, the more I enjoy this whole process. I never thought I would say that I love being pregnant, but I really do. It is also hard for me to say out loud, as I know many people who have had a difficult journey – whether during their pregnancy, trying to conceive or even with complications after birth.

Your daddy and I were those people who had to wait for our journey to begin, and we are so thankful for the little blessing that you are. We continue to pray for you to be protected, safe and healthy. Feeling you move in me is the biggest reassurance, the best feeling, even if it does make me a little uncomfortable.

I am thankful for every part of this adventure, as I know it is a part of our story, our journey as parents. God is preparing us for your arrival just as he is preparing you for your entrance into this world. Our journey is just beginning, and we cannot wait to share the adventures with you.

With love,


Big week.

Dear baby,

As I round the corner into week 30, I am feeling pretty good. (Other than the fact that you are turned sideways in my belly, causing a great bit of discomfort. I feel like you’re trying to push your way out through my belly button. :)) I just bought this cute dress on clearance that allows me to breathe (and you to stretch) a bit.

30 weeks cropped

This past week we crossed many things off of our baby to-do list, which makes me one happy and less stressful momma.

1. We were finally able to donate several items we’ve had in storage so we can move your daddy’s “man cave” to the basement and turn our current office (man cave) into your nursery.

2. We picked out our daycare for you to be taken care of while your daddy and I are at work during the day. This was no easy task. It took a lot of research, asking of others and visiting several places to find the right one. But when your daddy and I visited last week, we knew we found the one. A nice, family-owned center that also has a preschool. Your nursery space is bright and cheerful, filled with toys and books, and of course has your own crib to sleep in.

3. We’ve [almost] found your pediatrician. I found out our family practice doctor loves children and would have been a pediatrician had he not gone into family practice. The receptionist I spoke with said all of her grandchildren have been seeing him as their pediatrician. I just want to ask the doctor a few questions before making that final decision, which I should hopefully do this week.

4. We bought your nursery furniture! Clearly, this is the one I am the most excited about. It took several of hours (okay, months) of research, scouring the Internet and chatting with your daddy to find the perfect items for your room:
Your crib, which I absolutely love.
Your dresser that will store all of your essentials. We’ll put a changing pad on top of the dresser for you.

This glider is where I will spend countless hours holding you, nursing you and reading to you. 

I cannot wait for these items to arrive so we can finally get your nursery ready. I am leaning towards light green and yellow colors and am looking for inspiration from friends and the Internet. It will be the perfect, cozy space for momma to relax with you and for you to enjoy as you grow older.

It’s been a good, busy week, and I just know the final 10 weeks are going to fly. With football games, a couple of baby showers and time with family and friends, I have just about every weekend full until your due date! It’s time for momma to get in nesting mode and ready for you to get here. 🙂  Because November will be here before we know it!

With love,


Baby comments.

Dear baby,

It seems the past few weeks I’ve heard nothing but:

“You’re so tiny!”

“You don’t even look pregnant.”

“Oh, you’re popping out finally!”

“You’re so cute pregnant.”

I know these things are said with good intentions. Those who say the comments mean well, but it digs at me a little bit and makes me wonder: Am I too small? Should I be looking more pregnant? And I still don’t completely understand when people say I don’t look pregnant from behind. Am I supposed to grow my belly out sideways?

The important thing is that my doctor says I am doing fine and that you are growing just as you should. (Yes baby, you are still perfect.)

But these constant comments from others beg the question: Why do people feel the need to comment on the way that I look while pregnant? It seems to be the thing to say to a pregnant woman, along with the “How are you feeling?” question. I’m starting to realize that people just don’t know what to say to a pregnant woman, so they just say or ask the same thing every time.

Baby, the one person I truly appreciate these comments from is your daddy. Even though it seems he asks me every five minutes how I’m feeling or if I am doing okay, it makes me feel so loved to know he is looking out for me and for you. Your daddy is the type of daddy who would do anything to ensure we are taken care of and happy. He will put you and me before himself, and he will fix anything that isn’t right. He’s a great husband, and I know he’s going to be an awesome daddy.

I went on a little tangent there…I guess I really shouldn’t be complaining about the kindness from others in my life. It may be getting a little old, but I do appreciate the love and support from my family and friends. Most of all, I appreciate the love and support from your daddy. His comments make me feel that much more excited about and ready for the three of us to be a family.

With love,