Pregnancy journey.

Dear baby,

Cooler weather finally crept into Des Moines this weekend, bringing hints of fall just around the corner. As I look forward to all things fall – pumpkin, soups, jeans and sweaters and so much more – it just brings that much more anticipation knowing your arrival is near.

Your nursery furniture has arrived (!) and your daddy has already put the glider together for me. We both have tested it and approve. It is currently sitting in the living room since we have to clear out the furniture and random items in the room that is soon to be your nursery. Your daddy made good progress on that this weekend. I made good progress on cleaning, baking and picking out my favorite baby names. I told Daddy I came up with a list, and he finally said we should probably figure this out. 🙂

As the weeks go by and my belly slowly gets bigger, the more I enjoy this whole process. I never thought I would say that I love being pregnant, but I really do. It is also hard for me to say out loud, as I know many people who have had a difficult journey – whether during their pregnancy, trying to conceive or even with complications after birth.

Your daddy and I were those people who had to wait for our journey to begin, and we are so thankful for the little blessing that you are. We continue to pray for you to be protected, safe and healthy. Feeling you move in me is the biggest reassurance, the best feeling, even if it does make me a little uncomfortable.

I am thankful for every part of this adventure, as I know it is a part of our story, our journey as parents. God is preparing us for your arrival just as he is preparing you for your entrance into this world. Our journey is just beginning, and we cannot wait to share the adventures with you.

With love,


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