Pride and Joy

Dear baby girl,

It’s so true when parents say children are their pride and joy. There are no better words to describe how I feel about you and being your momma.

Pride is…

Watching you discover the world around you one day at a time.
Seeing you interact – with me, with Daddy and with others.
Knowing how far we’ve come in our nursing relationship, and creating that bond with you.
Having you grow and change before me – discovering toys, lights, books, and even your hands.
Listening to you “talk” and “sing” as you take in everything.
Being able to provide and care for such a beautiful, sweet girl.

Joy is…

Seeing you light up and smile when you recognize my face and my voice.
Listening to your coos and hums when you sleep.
Watching the delight you have when we play together.
Listening to your soft breath when I hold you close, feeling the rise and fall of your chest against mine.
Not letting you go, holding you that much longer to enjoy the beauty of our time together.
Everything about you: your tiny hands, long eyelashes, beautiful eyes, cute dimple and adorable smile.

Being your momma fills me with so much pride and joy each and every day. I am proud of how far we’ve come and of who you are. And the joy that fills my heart bursts with delight in you, your perfection.


You, my angel, are my pride and joy.

With love,


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