Dear baby girl,

It’s been three weeks since I returned to work, and we are starting to settle in to a new normal. I’ll admit, it was pretty hard to let go at first (I may have had a minor meltdown on day four), but it has been good for me to get back into a routine. I do miss you like crazy when we’re apart and spend probably more time than I should staring at pictures of you on my desk, thinking about our time together. The highlight of my day is getting to see you after work. Your face just lights up when you see me, and you give me this big grin that fills my heart with joy and lets me know that you missed me just as much as I missed you.

3 months
On my third day back to work, you turned three months old! 

Being a working mom is going to have its challenges, but I’m okay with that. I have thought a lot about balance lately, and to me, it’s not about finding the perfect balance between everything in my life. Instead, it’s about prioritizing what – and who – is most important, making sure to not let my plate get too full to keep me from those priorities. At the end of the day just being your momma is all that matters. Being able to nurture, protect and love you with all of my heart.

Something I have found freedom in recently is the power of saying no without guilt. I have learned that it’s okay to not sign up for something I am not passionate about. It’s okay to be honest with others and yourself about what you can handle and what you just don’t have time for. It’s okay to say no to one thing and say yes to something else. No one can fault you for your priorities. Hold onto these truths for someday when it will be easy to want to please others and not let them down (if you get that trait, it will be from me).

The weekends are now my favorite, when we get to spend the entire day together. I cherish our time, even the simple moments, like bath time, nursing or rocking you to sleep at night. Even the hard times, like when you don’t want to go to sleep, are worth it all. Because being your momma brings me the sweetest joy in the world.

With love,


2 thoughts on “Balance.

  1. Aww! What a cutie! My heart goes out to you, I cannot imagine going back to work with such a young baby (I took 8 months with#1 and the full year with the twins). You are superwoman. 🙂

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