First Father’s Day: Part Two.

Dear baby girl,

Today was a fun day as we celebrated your daddy’s first Father’s Day!

We started the day off by you sleeping through the night (!) until I fed you at almost 7 am. It would have been even better if I wouldn’t have been up until after midnight…why do I always stay up late?

Anyway, after letting Daddy sleep in, I gave him the gifts from us while you took your morning nap. Daddy promptly displayed your gift (a homemade card) on the refrigerator.


We enjoyed our morning at church, and you loved staring at your new friend Brooklyn, who is just a few weeks older than you. This afternoon we decided to try something new: your first swimming experience!

It wasn’t a super hot afternoon, so we had to add a bucket of hot water after filling the pool with ice cold water from the hose. After lathering you with baby sunscreen ($12.50 per tube – yeesh, but totally necessary) and suiting you up, we were ready to go.

You weren’t quite sure what to think at first…


But you slowly warmed up to it.


Then you realized it was like one giant bathtub.


Then, we brought out some toys for you to enjoy.


After eating your toys in the pool and your fingers and toes were officially prunes, we came inside and you crashed for another solid 30-minute nap.

For dinner, Daddy wanted to grill (even though I offered to cook), and we enjoyed cooking fajitas and rice together. (Okay, I’ll be honest — your daddy did most of the work. I put a box of rice in boiling water and entertained you. But again, I offered to help.) For dessert, Daddy enjoyed our chocolate chip cookies we baked him. Delicious food day!

Following dinner you enjoyed a real bath with Daddy in a much smaller bathtub: the kitchen sink. Pretty soon you’ll be graduating to the real bathtub. Baby steps. 🙂

By the time all was said and done, you were one tuckered-out baby, and your daddy had a fun first Father’s Day. I’m sure thankful for all your daddy does for us and our family. Seeing how much he loves you makes me love him even more. We’re pretty lucky to have him.

Though I missed my own daddy today, I am so thankful for the memories I have of him that I will share with you someday, as I mentioned in my post yesterday. He was a pretty great dad; he always had such an upbeat attitude and was so proud of his girls – my mom, my sister and me. And, he would be so incredibly proud of you as his grandbaby girl. I know he is smiling at you from heaven today, along with your Pap – Daddy’s dad. We are blessed to have had such loving fathers, and we hope to carry on the traditions and love that they shared with us.

We are also incredibly blessed to be surrounded by loving family and friends and to have you as our beautiful daughter. You are our pride and our joy, and we are so thankful to celebrate each day with you.

With love,




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