Our big little girl.

Dear baby girl,

It’s been a pretty big week around here as we’ve tried a couple new things: swimming and solids!

I shared the other day about your first swimming experience on Father’s Day, and I anticipate we’ll be doing it again this weekend as the weather continues to be hot and humid this week. Summer has hit in full force!

We also tried solids this week, as we felt you were showing us all the signs you were ready (and let’s be honest, I was finally ready, too). I didn’t take this decision lightly, which is why we waited until longer than the typical six months.

After talking to your doctor and doing some research, we decided to offer you real food first instead of the typical cereal. The first thing we decided to try was bananas. You didn’t hate it, but your face said it all as to just how confused you were.

IMG_8730 cropped

But the more you tried it, the more you seemed to like it. You wanted to help Momma feed you. 🙂


Day two went even better than day one, and you ate even more bananas than the first night. Tonight we did decide to go the cereal route before we offer you your first veggie. You loved oatmeal – you wore some of it but did eat all of it!


Your daddy and I are proud of you! 🙂 Our big girl, growing up so fast!

In other development news, this week you are working really hard on pushing yourself up to sit up on your own. You get almost all the way up to sitting, supporting yourself with one hand, but then you decide to lie back down instead of pushing yourself all the way up. You’re so close; I have a feeling it will happen really soon.

You are also trying to crawl on all fours, rather than the scooting you have been doing for the past few weeks. You’ll get yourself up on your hands and knees, rocking back and forth for a few minutes. It’s pretty darn adorable, and I think you’re about to take off when you decide to lie down on your belly instead. When you do figure it out, we’re in trouble. 🙂

It’s been one adventure after another around here lately, especially now that you’re more mobile than ever. Your personality is really starting to shine, and your daddy and I are sure enjoying seeing you discover the world around you. We’re having just as much fun as you are – being your parents is pretty awesome.

With love,



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