Nap-time snuggles.

Dear baby girl,

There was a moment the other day where time stood still as I held you, as we swayed in the kitchen staring out the back window. It has become a part of our routine to either go for a walk, step outside or stare out the window before I put you down for a nap. It helps you calm down, as you stare into the distance, watching the trees sway as the leaves softly blow in the breeze.

I wanted to remember this as one of my favorite things, not to forget this simple thing as something special we share. As I hold you close, you slowly calm down, resting your head now and then on my shoulder or chest. You lift your head again, looking around and softly talking to yourself (and me, possibly), usually a soft “Suh suh suh” noise. I whisper in your ear what we see, like trees, birds, houses (if we’re out walking) and more.

When I hold you close, I nuzzle my head into yours, my nose and mouth inhaling your soft baby scent. Your hair is getting longer, and it presses against my nose and lightly tickles it. I love the soft space on the back of your head, rubbing your hair with my hand, calming you slowly, watching your eyes get heavy.

We go upstairs for nap time, which sometimes goes well and sometimes takes a while or a couple tries. We always read at least one book together. Our recent favorites are Goodnight Moon and The Little Red Caboose. I like to rub your belly as I read, continuing to calm you and get you ready for nap. Sometimes you seem to be into the story, other times you’ll look around the room, and sometimes you’ll be over-tired and hyper, reaching out to grab the book. My favorite is when you are leaning back against me, listening as I read, and you occasionally tilt your head up to me and smile.

Before I put you down for nap we stand and snuggle together again for a couple moments, as I turn on your noisemaker and we sway to the swishing of the ocean waves. I hold you close, my face against yours, slowly running my hand through your hair and up and down your back. I whisper in your ear how much I love you and how excited I will be to see you when you wake up. I give you a lot of kisses before putting you down for your nap.

I treasure these simple moments, wanting to hold onto them in my heart and my memory forever.

With love,



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