The name of Momma.

The one thing I know
The one thing I trust
The one thing I cling to
Is who I am
Not in my own right
Not in what I have to offer
Not in what I possess
But in my heart
My deepest being
I know that my love
The life I give
The deepest parts of me
The one I was made to be
Is your mother.

The name of Momma
This calling that I have received
Is far greater
Than I ever could have imagined.
So thankful to be called
The name that you repeat
The one that you embrace
The one who tucks you in
Who watches as you sleep.

Each night
I sit holding my breath
Feeling yours rise and fall
Holding you close
Not for a second
Wanting to forget
Treasuring the simplicity
From the storytime snuggles
To sharing in your struggles
Wiping tears and noses
And being there as long as you need me.
I will never regret
Staying until you fall asleep
Your eyelashes kissing your cheeks
My presence soothing
Bringing comfort and hope
To your tired, longing hearts.

Let me never forget
These long days
Filled with tickles and laughs
Snuggles and kisses
Diapers and nightmares
Early mornings and late nights
Tantrums and boo-boos
For with the challenges
Comes the beauty
With each day
I become more certain
That I am raising
Girls who are strong
Girls who are wise
Girls who are beautiful
Girls who know they are loved.