Not-so-new momma.

Dear baby girl,

I’ve been at this gig for over half a year now, so I feel like I can’t pull the “I’m new at this” excuse quite as much as I did before. It took a while to get to the point where I was like “I’ve got this” (and some days I still wonder!), but I’ve got to admit, I’m starting to feel like I know what I’m doing. You’re probably glad to hear that!

Being your momma is both the best and most challenging job I’ve ever had – no matter what each day brings, all of it is worth the joy of seeing you grow and thrive. Six months is a big milestone, and I am loving this stage. Every age has been fun: from tiny, snuggly newborn to chatty and newly mobile baby to 6 months and ready to be on the move, it has been an adventure to see you grow.

Here are some of the highlights of life lately:


Sitting up like a big girl and enjoying the fresh air

Baby on the move. One of your favorite activities is to roll over, back and forth, every which way imaginable. I have found you in every corner and position in your crib, and you always manage to roll off of the giant blanket we have spread across the living room floor. Once you figure out crawling, we’re in trouble! I can tell you’re already starting to work on it, as you’re bringing your legs underneath you and are getting up on your knees.

Sitting up. You’re not quite sitting up on your own yet, but with practice we are getting closer. I think it will be just a matter of weeks until you’ll be sitting up by yourself like a big girl. You like practicing in your bumbo chair and with a little assistance from me or your daddy.

Eating solids. We haven’t given you solid food yet, as we want to wait until you are sitting up on your own. When we took you to your six-month checkup last week, your doctor said he agreed and encouraged us to feed you solids when we think you’re ready. For now you are still only eating breastmilk and seem perfectly content continuing to do so. I am excited to try solid foods but want to wait until I know you are ready.


Enjoying a babywearing walk!

Big girl. You’ve more than doubled your birth weight and now tip the scales at a whopping 13.5 lbs. You’re in the 7th percentile for weight and 69th percentile for height at 26.5 inches long. You’re a healthy, tall and skinny baby girl!

Sleeping soundly. It was a rough past couple months of waking up more frequently than what we were used to (which was still only 1-2 times a night) after going swaddle free, but all of a sudden this week you started sleeping through the night again with stretches of 8 to almost 11 hours. I am enjoying this while it lasts!

Walking it out. One of your favorite things to do lately is be outside. The increase of sleep this week has also brought with it an increase in fussiness (I think we’ve hit a growth spurt!), but what has calmed you down the most is going outside and exploring. You especially love babywearing walks with Momma as we walk around the neighborhood. Tonight you met a few neighbor doggies, and you were just fascinated by them!

The best part of this age is being able to interact with you and see your personality shine. You are becoming one strong and determined baby girl, just like your momma. 🙂 It has been an amazing six months – time has gone so fast! I look forward to celebrating many more milestones and seeing you continue to grow and change each day.

With love,




Dear baby girl,

We had quite an eventful weekend celebrating your first Easter!

Your grandma and Uncle Brian came to visit, which included lots of food, shopping and being spoiled silly by Grandma. We miss them already and look forward to seeing them again in a couple weeks for Brian’s graduation.


In your Easter dress at church

It’s always fun having family visit. We don’t have any family in town, so it’s always a special time when we get to see each other. You get so excited, you don’t even sleep! Two weekends in a row, two grandmas and a baby that doesn’t want to nap make for one tired momma.

Throw minimal napping, multiple night wakings and teething into the mix and you would think you would be a pretty unpleasant baby. Surprisingly, you are one happy little girl with very minimal fussing. You slept better last night after the weekend, and you took two long naps today to make up for it, too. Just like a college student. 🙂

I can also tell there is a lot going on in that little brain of yours. You’re trying to sit up, get on your hands and knees, and of course, you are rolling over like it’s your job. And, we officially transitioned you out of the swaddle last week, which could be adding to the mix. So many changes in your world! You’re growing up so fast – I can’t believe you’re already 5 months old!

5 months 1

5 months old!

It has been fun to see you hit so many milestones and discover new things. Some big milestones to note:

Smiling. You first smiled when you were about 6 weeks old. I’ll never forget the first time you really smiled at me because you were genuinely happy to be with me. Heart. Melted. Now, you smile all the time and it still melts my heart.

Rolling over. You rolled over from belly to back for the first time right when you turned 3 months old. You decided to wait a couple more weeks before doing it again. Then, not long after turning 4 months you finally figured out rolling from back to belly. You were determined to figure it out!

Finding your voice. You also learned you could “talk” at 3 months old. Though it is mostly babbles, coos and grunts, it is pretty much the cutest thing ever. You also recently discovered how to screech at the top of your lungs. Not so cute.

Your toes. Just a couple weeks ago you realized you have feet, and now you can’t seem to let them go! You love to stick them straight in the air – whether you are in the carseat, on the changing table or even in the bath. It’s like you are trying to kick already, our little mini soccer player in the making.

Your hands. Like many of your milestones, you found your hands at 3 months old. You’ve really been going to town chewing on them for the past few weeks since you started teething!

Sleeping through the night. We’ve been pretty lucky that you’ve been a good sleeper from the beginning. For a long time I was waking to feed you to make sure you were gaining enough weight. You may have slept a longer stretch sooner, but the first time you went 10 hours was at 4 months old. The longest stretch you had previously gone was about 7 hours at 2 months old, which has been your average amount of sleep for the past couple months. You wake to eat and then go back to sleep for a couple more hours.

As I mentioned earlier, more recently you have been waking in the middle of the night multiple times, which has been a rough adjustment after being used to longer stretches of sleep! I think this has been because of so many changes in your world, from teething to growth spurts to hitting developmental milestones like rolling over. You’re becoming a big girl way too fast!

While I am sad to see how quickly you are growing, I am also incredibly proud of you and how much you have learned these past few months. It is fascinating to see your development grow and change each day. Seeing you discover yourself and the world just fills my heart with pride.

I cherish these moments and milestones in my heart, knowing just how quickly things will continue to change. As you journey from one milestone to the next, I will watch you, encourage you and be there for you along the way as your proud momma.

With love,