My new baby girl.

Dear baby girl,

Today, I write not to my big baby girl, but to the baby girl yet to join our family. The one who is squirming and kicking around inside my belly, as though you are eagerly anticipating your arrival into this world.

Baby girl, I feel like I owe you an apology. I’m sure it’s completely normal, but I feel like I have been so busy and exhausted this pregnancy, it’s been hard for me to just rest and completely focus on you. Your life inside of me. You becoming ready to enter this world and our family.


I couldn’t be more thrilled for Hannah to have a baby sister. I just know she is going to love you as much as your Daddy and I will. She will care for you and want to help you just as much as she wants to help Mommy and Daddy. I can’t wait to see how the two of you are together.

I feel like my days are currently consumed with work and mom life, and it’s been such a whirlwind that I’ve hardly been able to just enjoy being pregnant. Feeling your very excited kicks flutter around within me. You are much more active than I remember your sister being. I have a feeling you are going to have even more energy than your sister and will keep us on our toes!


The second half of my pregnancy (which is actually more than half over, I’m 23 weeks already!), I hope to slow down more. Notice you. Feel you. Talk and sing to you. Actually start planning for your arrival-I should probably figure out your big sister’s room and get a few special things just for you for the nursery. And of course finally come to an agreement with your daddy on a name. We’ve got a little time on that one.

It feels like this pregnancy has flown by, and I know it’s just going to keep getting faster the closer I get to my due date. With each week, my belly grows bigger and your movements become more regular. I seem to be growing at a much faster pace than last time!


Everything seems to be going more quickly. I am hardly counting the weeks, in fact, I have forgotten at one point already how far along I am. I guess that’s a sign this isn’t my first time. 🙂 But that’s OK. Instead of counting down the weeks, I am embracing them. With a thankful heart filled with joy and anticipation for your arrival. I couldn’t be more blessed to have another beautiful girl.

With love,




Dear baby,

It’s hard to believe we are less than three months from your due date and that I am just days away from starting my third trimester. It seems this journey just began when I saw that faint blue line and when I heard your heart beat for the first time. My heart smiles at those first special moments and soars as I get that much closer to your arrival. Three months feels like a long way off, yet I know the weeks will fly by.

Within the past couple weeks I’ve really felt you growing and becoming more mobile in my belly. What started as a few occasional flutters has now become a continual reminder of your presence with each little kick or jab against my stomach. As uncomfortable as things are starting to become, I take so much delight in feeling you move around in there. In a way it makes me feel at peace, knowing you are growing and strengthening each day. And at the same time I feel a connection to you, one that I cannot describe with any other word than special.

Even as you manage to pinch my insides or kick my side (I swear you were lying sideways for a few days!), I have to admit, I love being pregnant. There is something so magical about this process: watching my body change, feeling you grow and move within me, and learning about how to care for you and myself while pregnant, all while I prepare for what’s ahead.

There is still so much to do (like pretty much everything), but your daddy and I have started planning and getting ready. We’ve visited some daycares, gotten our registry set up and narrowed down some furniture options for your nursery. Now we just need to make some decisions and purchases – the hard part!

In due time, we will have everything ready for you. Whether we will emotionally feel ready is another story! I am so thankful for these nine months of pregnancy – not just to plan for what’s to come, but also because of this amazing journey and blessing it is being your momma.

With love,