5 things I’m thankful for this Thanksgiving

Dear baby girl,

I can’t believe you’re 3 weeks old already!

3 weeks old
I can hardly handle your cuteness. 🙂 

It’s been a crazy and amazing few weeks as I adjust to life as your momma. I have to admit, that first week was a blur. Since you were born at 1 am, that meant 30 minutes of sleep that night for me. (Sleep didn’t happen much in the hospital.) I am finally starting to get used to catching sleep in short intervals. 🙂

Life as I know it has forever changed, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. As I look forward to celebrating Thanksgiving with your daddy’s family tomorrow, I am thankful for so many blessings in my life.

1. You. This is pretty obvious, but I am so incredibly thankful for you. You are our little precious angel, a gift from God brought to us at just the right time. My heart is filled with more love for you than I ever thought possible.

2. Family. I am so blessed to have the support and love of our family. Your grandmas have been helping take care of me and your daddy (and spoiling you of course), and your aunts have been full of encouragement and advice. You’ve got some pretty wonderful grandmas, aunts, uncles, cousins and extended family. They mean more to me than anything in this world (besides you of course) and they have been incredibly helpful as I have been preparing for and adjusting to life as your momma.

3. Friends and community. I am thankful to be surrounded by a great support system of friends, neighbors and our church community. From visiting us to bringing gifts to dropping off food, our friends and neighbors have blessed us as we have welcomed you into our home and our community.

4. Your daddy. He has always been there for me, but from the moment I went into labor, your daddy has been nothing short of amazing. He is quick to help wherever needed and has been incredibly giving of himself for you. And what makes me love him even more is the way he loves and cares for you. It is so wonderful to see what a great father he already is.

5. Love. I know this sounds cheesy, but I am thankful for the ability to experience love in a whole new way that I never imagined possible. A love that is beyond myself, that can only be described as a gift from God. I feel like I have a better glimpse of God’s love for me in the way I feel about you – a love that is sacrificial and unconditional.

When you get older, I hope to show you the value of having a grateful heart rather than one that is full of negativity or complaining. We must always recognize the blessings we have been given and know that they are a gift. Just like you. I am so incredibly thankful for you, today and always.

With love,


Happy Due Date Day!

Dear baby girl,

You’re finally here!

As we celebrate your due date today, it’s hard to believe it’s been 11 days since you entered this world. We were so surprised and overjoyed when you decided to arrive early. Our perfect little girl, Hannah Katherine, is here!

Our Hannah Katherine

Your daddy says the look on my face was priceless when my water broke at the doctor’s office last Monday. I couldn’t believe it; although we had a feeling you might be joining us early. At my 36 week appointment my doctor said you were measuring on the small side, and if you were still tiny at 38 weeks, there was a good chance I would be induced. When we found out that you were still measuring small, we headed to the doctor’s office to find out what was next. Turns out, my doctor would have induced me the next day – but you came on your own time instead!

Me holding you for the first time

Daddy holding you for the first time

The past 11 days have been a whirlwind as I adjust to life as your momma. We’ve had lots of help and visitors along the way. Your Gammie (my mom) visited for the first week, taking care of you, me and your daddy, helping us adjust to life at home. You also met your daddy’s family – your Grandma, Uncle Brian, Auntie Laura and Cousin Sophia. Sophia was so excited to meet you! She was thrilled to read your first book to you.

Auntie Laura and Cousin Sophia reading to you

Your Auntie Katie (my sister) came to visit for a few days and just left today. I called her the baby whisperer because you were so calm and peaceful whenever she held and took care of you. We miss her already!

Auntie Katie
Momma and Auntie Katie holding you

When you get older, you will hear lots of stories about your Grandpa (my dad) and Pap Pap (Daddy’s dad), who are now in heaven. Two days ago was four years since your Grandpa passed away, and now that you’re here this picture of me and him has so much more meaning. The way he looks at me is the same way your daddy and I look at you, our hearts filled with love.

dad and me
Your Grandpa reading to me

We’ve also had a few friends visit at the hospital and at home, bringing treats and gifts for you. We have ventured out to the doctor’s office and even made it to Target and Old Navy yesterday. You did a great job for your first of many shopping trips. 🙂

old navy
Our first shopping trip!

As the cloudy, sleepless haze of the first few days begins to lift and I become accustomed to a new normal, each day feels more joy-filled than the last. Your daddy and I can’t get enough time snuggling with you.

mommy snuggles
My perfect little angel.

daddy snuggles
Daddy snuggles.

I could say so much more, as my heart is full with love and thoughts I could pour out to you. We are so in love with you, our precious little angel. Welcome to the world, Hannah Katherine.

With love,